Sunday, February 26, 2012

SMS opinions about CH

Found these 2 SMS from the news, "SMS your views". Read for your info. As for the high cost of tea, would be good if the SMS info the place or restaurant overcharging for all to note. Then again, the establishment may end up fuming take up an axe and come after my blog. Anyway, do ask about pricing before eating if their prices are not displayed. I think one or two black sheep restaurant in Cameron Highlands, and one notorious one in Brinchang (received many complaints about that restaurant but I can't mention it because they were angry with me saying they worked very hard lah and all that and I spoil their business, blah, blah, blah... well have reasonable and competitive pricing then won't get black marks from the tourist la...!)

Imported vegetables (25/2/2012)

Cameron Highlands traders pls don’t take tourist as fools. If product from China, Indonesia or imported, just admit it & don’t claim its frm CH - Dinda Remy

High cost (26/2/2012)

A glass of plain tea at a Cameron Highlands tea plantation costs RM5 and above. It spoils the tourist business. I vow not to drink there.

Highlands has lost its charm (Tuesday March 13, 2012)

Cameron Highlands is a popular holiday destination but due to over-development it has lost its charm. – Subra

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