Monday, July 18, 2011

No privacy in Cool Point Hotel

Arrested in hotel room for wearing Bersih t-shirts

Cameron Highlands police invaded the privacy of four people by arresting them for wearing Bersih t-shirts inside their hotel room.

KUALA LUMPUR: In a blatant invasion of privacy, the police arrested four people on holiday in Cameron Highlands by entering their hotel room at 1am on Sunday. The reason for the arrest: they were wearing Bersih t-shirts inside their hotel room.

Those arrested were Seputeh MP’s Teresa Kok’s aide Teh Hoong Keat, 25; Lan Suet Ling, 23; Chin Kah Wai, 25; and a mutual acquaintance who requested anonymity.

But the baffling part is that while they were held at the police station for three hours, no statements were taken, and their Bersih t-shirts were given back to them and told “to wear it as we please”.

Teh told a press conference today that the police arrested him and the three others when they were in their room at Cool Point Hotel in Cameron Highlands.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cameron Highlands Traffic Jams

Here's a resident of Cameron Highlands complaining about the traffic jams and road congestion of this popular Cameron Highlands resort. If it was me, I would be fuming mad at the heavy traffic whenever a peak weekend or peak holiday season attraction thousands of tourist. Since I'm just a tourist having a love for this popular Malaysia highland, taking a break from the rat race of KL only to face another traffic nightmare in the highlands is not to my liking either. I can empathized with this writer.

Traffic jam in Cameron Highlands

Uphill battle against traffic chaos
Thursday July 14, 2011

I HAVE lived in the Cameron Highlands for the past 26 years and have seen the many changes to the once serene and peaceful hill station. I can no longer agree and accept happily if someone were to describe the highlands as the ideal getaway.