Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cameron Highlands Resort Murder Mystery Dinner

Fancy having a Cluedo style dinner at Cameron Highlands Resort! Instead of playing a board game, how about doing it role playing style?! So this was what the YTL Cameron Highlands Resort hotel did! Of course at the end of mystery play time the mystery would be solved and the murderer found.

But the same can't be said of the real mystery of Jim Thomson disappearance. Without sufficient evidence, all you end up with are just conspiracy theories. Another conspiracy tale to add to the world's many myriad unsolved mysteries and conspiracies.

As for this dinner mystery Cluedo stle bash, it is no mystery, just pure fun! Cheers!


Murder Mystery Dinner @ Cameron Highlands Resort
Posted 11th December 12 at 5:44 pm by Reta Lee

When the temperature dips, the night gets exciting with a murder mystery event.

Staying true to Cameron Highlands Resort's tagline of 'Trails, Tales & Traditions' and the mystery of the disappearance of Jim Thompson for which the area is famous, the hotel recently invited a select group of local celebrities, entrepreneurs and members of the media to experience its first murder mystery dinner, which the resort will roll out as a package to small parties and group events in early 2013.

Arriving in costume according to their pre-assigned character, the evening's events began with Saketini cocktails at the resort's Gonbei bar but murder and mayhem was to ensue as soon as guests were ushered to the Dining Room. Weapons were found and traded, blackmail money passed hands and the resort grounds scoured for clues and evidence. At the end of the night the murderers were revealed and the results of the vote for the Best Performer, Super Sleuth, Best Costume and Wealthiest Player were announced, after which all were invited to retire to The Highlands Bar for a nightcap of Bowmore single malt whisky. The murder mystery dinner certainly proved to add much excitement to the evening and will be something different for future guests of Cameron Highlands Resort to look forward to. By Muna Noor.


Murder mystery dinner cluedo style at YTL Cameron Highlands Resort
Murder Mystery Dinner at Gonbei Bar Cameron Highlands Resort hotel

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