Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cameron Highlands Traffic Jams

Here's a resident of Cameron Highlands complaining about the traffic jams and road congestion of this popular Cameron Highlands resort. If it was me, I would be fuming mad at the heavy traffic whenever a peak weekend or peak holiday season attraction thousands of tourist. Since I'm just a tourist having a love for this popular Malaysia highland, taking a break from the rat race of KL only to face another traffic nightmare in the highlands is not to my liking either. I can empathized with this writer.

Traffic jam in Cameron Highlands

Uphill battle against traffic chaos
Thursday July 14, 2011

I HAVE lived in the Cameron Highlands for the past 26 years and have seen the many changes to the once serene and peaceful hill station. I can no longer agree and accept happily if someone were to describe the highlands as the ideal getaway.

Traffic congestion during peak seasons is chaotic. Little did I expect a normal weekend to be as bad.

We were returning from Ipoh one Saturday evening and was caught in a horrific traffic congestion after a smooth drive up from Simpang Pulai.

At Green Cow (a little off Hotel Equatorial), the traffic slowed almost to a standstill. I had a bad feeling that this would not be my day.

True enough, I had to drive bumper to bumper for two hours just to reach my home in Tanah Rata, which on a normal day is merely a half-hour drive from where the jam started.

The main culprit was the night market in Brinchang. As if it’s not bad enough to have the stalls placed almost on the main road itself, cars were seen either slowing down or stopping on the road.

This caused terrible congestion and the locals returning home were caught in the traffic snarl.

A few traffic cops were there supposedly to direct traffic flow, but there was obviously nothing much they could do to help.

A lot has been said about this problem, yet the local authorities seem to do nothing about it.

How long do we have to wait for this one problem to be solved?

Tanah Rata.

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