Saturday, June 04, 2011

A long walk down to Boh Tea Plantation

A long walk down
Saturday June 4, 2011

I have one more year to retirement.

My working life has been very interesting as I have met so many people with unique characters.

During our company’s recent team building trip to Cameron Highlands, the boss hired a small 25-seater coach for the 21 people on the trip. Among us was a young girl, fresh from school, who was normally quite talkative at work. She didn’t seem timid until one afternoon during the trip when she went into an all-hell-break-loose frenzy.

On our itinerary was a visit to the famous Boh Tea plantation where we could taste excellent tea, savour the finest scones and enjoy the magnificent view of the green hills. The road leading up was extremely narrow and winding. There were some spots that only one car could pass at one time. If one sat by the window of the small coach, one might not be able to see the road, only deep valleys and the tops of some tall trees.

Because of this scary view, our young colleague started to freak out and screamed her lungs out. Each time our coach or an oncoming car honked to warn each other, she would yell and cry. Nothing we did could calm her and this screaming lasted throughout the journey up. She was clearly in shock and not even the best tea or the tastiest scone could calm and persuade her to take the trip down in our coach or a car.

Our only alternative was to walk all the way down. Two male colleagues and I (being the mother figure) volunteered to accompany her and it took four of us almost one-and-a-half hours to reach the foot of the hill.

At the end of the trek , I being the old lady naturally suffered the most. Luckily, my young colleague returned to her normal self soon after and was grateful enough to treat me to a foot reflexology session that evening.

Wong Ee Mui, Kuala Lumpur

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